Storn System Analog Synthesizer from Indonesia

inspired by MS10/20 and EMS – this may be the first synth from Indonesia (Bandung). Storn ist short for SynThesizer electRONic

beside those there is a „Rhythm Machine“ which is in fact a drum synth (no sequencer) – that Name Störn sounds german – but it’s just like „looks nice“..

the names are Lavatory and Maga, both semi modular, where Maga is also digital – this is the first info, more at the forum (quote) their Site will be up in 21 days from this post.. Forum • Storn System – Analog Synthesizer from Indonesia.

well – since there has been a synth from Iran (Persia) – looks like there is a new upcoming new world since .. well – if you ever been to countries in southeast asia area like Thailand you won’t imagine they may come up with synths..

yours Sammy Modular.

ah, here’s another one..

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    1. interesting, forgive me – I did not even knew there is more, happy to see there is even a little synth scene, hope there’s concerts and music as well..
      feel free to post those if you have some nice places to (must) see when in indonesia !

  1. yes sure :) and not only synth builder/ maker, we have to many people who do electronic art. LIke Otto Sidharta, if i`m not wrong, he is 1st generation artist from Indoensia who learn sound and manipulation (special : in real tape, computer) in Netheland. And the othe people is Patrick Gunwan he learn in Institute of Sonology :) greating from Indonesia

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