Storn System Analog Synthesizer from Indonesia

inspired by MS10/20 and EMS – this may be the first synth from Indonesia (Bandung). Storn ist short for SynThesizer electRONic

beside those there is a „Rhythm Machine“ which is in fact a drum synth (no sequencer) – that Name Störn sounds german – but it’s just like „looks nice“..

the names are Lavatory and Maga, both semi modular, where Maga is also digital – this is the first info, more at the forum (quote) their Site will be up in 21 days from this post.. Forum • Storn System – Analog Synthesizer from Indonesia.

well – since there has been a synth from Iran (Persia) – looks like there is a new upcoming new world since .. well – if you ever been to countries in southeast asia area like Thailand you won’t imagine they may come up with synths..

yours Sammy Modular.

ah, here’s another one..

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5 Thoughts to “Storn System Analog Synthesizer from Indonesia”

  1. hippo

    Hi I’m from indonesia. Not only storn analog from indonesia. We also have KRP (KenaliRangkaiPakai) from Yogyakarya Vascolab ( ) from Bandung, AnDigital from Semarang (specilized from midi controller). And not only synth maker/product, in indonesia we have many collective who make some (analog) synth workshops. Enjoy Nusantara Synth.

    1. interesting, forgive me – I did not even knew there is more, happy to see there is even a little synth scene, hope there’s concerts and music as well..
      feel free to post those if you have some nice places to (must) see when in indonesia !

  2. HIPPO

    yes sure :) and not only synth builder/ maker, we have to many people who do electronic art. LIke Otto Sidharta, if i`m not wrong, he is 1st generation artist from Indoensia who learn sound and manipulation (special : in real tape, computer) in Netheland. And the othe people is Patrick Gunwan he learn in Institute of Sonology :) greating from Indonesia

  3. Hi,

    There are tons of noise, experimental and electronic musicians in Indonesia, huge scene and the first electronic musicians to compose there started in the 1960’s.
    You can check my database regarding Asia and Africa for electronic and experimental music.

    1. now this sounds interesting, thanks!!

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