Incubate Festival 2015 – impression – Performer (20.Sept 2015) – Cabaret Voltaire – Haswell – etc.

the DIY Synth Collection is here – and Russell Haswell playing on modulars only looked like this – but seen a lot more interesting gigs

Tarwater  – Dirk Serries Rutger Zuydervelt Ambient from real little and simple machines from Vidna Obmana –  Klara Lewis (ambient noise by Wire™) – Laurel Halo (she had a nice tricky Elektron set) – impressing voice from Soley (island) with her own kind of humour (I liked) – and Richard H.Kirk (not Korg) with his Roland Juno 106 (still) as Cabaret Voltaire did a fab set of is work with 3 screens of typical CV cut up videos people started dancing at the sides of the seats in the concert hall, he threw some tins at photographers – totally fun.
technoid sets from Also and Lakker and the 3D-glasses NHK_KOYXEИ guy from japan followed. now it was time to see Haswell playing the modular (2x eurorack sets), Powell endet with his SEM and Elektron set between the genres.. for me –  I missed some bands since you can’t be everywhere. Next year…

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  1. […] synths and everyone was invited to listen to it, no matter if you are into it or not!  More images of the performers in the next post.. Russell Haswell performed with 2 Euro-Racks alone! Just […]

  2. […] well as Klara Lewis (no conincidence) her set is sort of industrial ambient set, that I saw at the Incubate – but over here it had even more impact for better PA reasons – enoyed that full […]

  3. […] Conference to hear about music and to listen to Dr. Stephen Mallinder (the other (singing) half of Cabaret Voltaire), Benge (bought his synth-nerd cd 20 systems) and Mr.Winter forming Wrangler, also a band from […]

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