Electri_City Conference Düsseldorf – Wrangler with Stephen Mallinder (C.Voltaire) & Benge, Michael Rother, Tiny Magnetic Pets

Been in Düsseldorf at the Electri_City Conference to hear about music and to listen to Dr. Stephen Mallinder (the other (singing) half of Cabaret Voltaire), Benge (bought his synth-nerd cd 20 systems) and Mr.Winter forming Wrangler – Minibrute, CS01, Microkorg VT3/KP3, Clavia Nord Drums (4 the nerdists)
also a band from Dublin called Tiny Magnetic Pets (Jupiter 80 and Mininova) and Michael Rother who played everything: Harmonia, La Düsseldorf, NEU! a great super positive set – amazing, makes everyone instant happy!

Before we had Mr Dollase and Harald Grosskopf talking with Michael Rother.

Maaany thanks to Rüdiger Esch for presenting it all to us.
Alles mal in Englisch, weil viele internationale Gäste da waren. Und alle anderen vermutlich die beteiligten Personen hier ohnehin kennen!

No photophbia at all.

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