UVI Falcon – add as many LFOs / envs as you like – Sampling & Synth

so viele LFOS und Hüllkurven wie man tragen kann für den neuen UVI Falcon, ein fast-modulares Konzept. Das beste ist, das zweite Video zu schauen.

  • 4 OP FM
  • PD
  • Subtraktive Synthese
  • Samples / Sample Mapping / Sample Slices
  • Key/Vel-Switches
  • Mix Synth & Samples
  • drag & drop filter, oscs, ..

if you go modular you need cables – but sometimes you don’t – if you just click your LFOs and ENVELOPES to be added to anything you want to be modulated. that’s the „near“ modular concept of Falcon – a new synth by UVI who zoomed on emulations a lot in the past – this time it is a synth with sampling. here’s a demo (second video for everyone who want to know):



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