iPad 2 – dual Power. coming 11.Mar. + Garage Band on iPad..

iPad 2: In die Gerüchteküche hinein geschnuppert


iPad 2 …. features & infos – for musicians.

dual core A5 processor therefore double power and 9x faster graphics and all those rumours you’ve heard are true – it got 2 cams, and all the iPhone4 features excluding phone calls.

why iPad here on Sequencer.de? Because it became what the iPad 1 already showes – a tool that will come to musicians a lot since it can do MIDI and even be the programmer for your Hardware etc. Could also be interesting to edit your stuff by elastic audio multitouch. some first videos via CNN

so this could be a nice thing if you like it – also works as DAW since Garage Band is available for iPad as well as editing videos (iMovie). Maybe we will get audio editing as well, 8ch-Recording…

Touchable and even DYNAMIC Instruments are in there, too – means some Drums that become louder when touching them „harder“ (faster). don’t know how, but …
Maybe get one of those to make it a nice little Workstation (Alesis iO Dock):

(ioDock images of 3 further versions check Alesis, I took them off because the link was broken)

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  1. […] special addition to the well known IO Dock – Lots of Drum Trigger inputs for drummers or guitar input and foot pedal with switches and knobs […]

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