Jen Syntar , SX2000 & Multivox FX

Jen Syntar , GS3000 Analog Synthesizer

Jen Syntar , GS3000 synthesizer

and  Jen SX2000 (built 1981) – Analog Synthesizer

Jen SX2000 synthesizer

are new to the synth database. Thanks to Patroche & Studio Dreadful (link) for providing the images.
and note those GRP synths are also from italy – so it’s not over. Updated the GRP A4 image as well..

 & Pulser – also italian with help of a us based guy – don’t know exactly – FX are quite inspired from Roland – as most Multivox and Pulser Synth also did .. just built or – inspired by/like the Roland tape based effects. the time of cloning those –

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