JX-3P Upgrade

a non backwards-compabile JX-3P Upgrade is here, but offers a lot of new things

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* Midi Sysex support for all parameters **
•MidiCC support for common parameters *

•Midi NRPN support for all parameters ***
•Patch Editor Control of Parameters *
•All 64 patches fully editable with 80 editable parameters *
•2 Poly, 2 Unison, 2 Mono Key modes *
•DCO Key Assign Detune available in all key modes *•DCO 1 & 2 have separate Tune controls (+-12 semitones each) *
•Aftertouch and dynamics via midi *•Portamento **
•Sequencer **•Sequencer key can be shifted to any key while playing by using Key Transpose *
•Separate LFO and ENV Mod levels for DCO1, DCO2 and Filter and LFO Mod Level for VCA *
•VCA control can select from ENV1 or ENV2 or Gate *
•Each LFO Mod can select from LFO 1 or 2 *
•Each ENV Mod can select from ENV 1 or 2 *
•Each ENV Mod control is a split control with add (normal) and subtract (inverted) *
•Greater speed range and 6 waveforms for LFO1 and LFO2. *
•LFO2 runs at twice the speed of LFO1 for extra range. *
•LFO2 has a second Random mode that can be clocked from the Sequence Clock **
•Arpeggiator (Off, Up, Down, Up & Down, Random Modes. 0, 1 or 2 octaves) *
•Appegiator and Sequencer will Output Midi Data * (arp) **
(seq)•Bend Lever can be directed to Osc, Filter, LFO Rate and VCA Level in any combination *
•LFO Button is now treated like mod control and can be directed to any mod destination(s) *
•Chord Mode *•Pattern Play Mode *
•Arp and Sequencer can be clocked from Int/Ext, Midi Clock or LFO2 **
•Pattern Generator can be clocked from Int/Ext, Midi Clock or LFO2 **
•Internet Update system for future releases and updates

*Ideas for future software releases. All purchasers of the 3P Upgrade will be notified of available updates.•Sync’d LFO square wave forms•Noise waveform from LFO for noise DCO mod (the programmable dividers may not handle this)•The ability to use a MKS-30 as a slave unit for a 12 voice synth (after the MKS-30 Upgrade is complete)•If you have any ideas for extra goodies please let us know. Many of the release 1 ideas came from input

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