Mode Machines SL-1 Synthlab Analog Synth

A quite simple small synth like the MFB series.

Some Audio form Citric Acid:
Mode Machines Synthlab demo by Citric Acid 303

SL-1 Synthlab – MODE MACHINES.

it offers:
2 x VCO´s ( 2 waveforms – saw & pulse)
1 x VCF (low pass filter 24dB – Moog cascade)
1 x VCA
1 x Noise
1 x Ringmodulator
1 x Suboscillator (-2 octaves)
2 x LFO (various waveforms and routings)
2 x ENV (ADSR for the VCA and AD for the VCF)
MIDI-CV-Interface with 2 x CV and GATE
Audio IN
Audio OUT
External PSU included

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