Keith McMillen Instruments K-Bow

Keith McMillen Instruments.

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he K-Bow gives a detailed measure of every aspect of your playing.

K-Bow: Bow axis

  • XYZ 3D Accelerometer – measures the playing force and angle of the bow
  • Hair Tension Sensor – detects how hard the bow presses against the strings
  • Grip Pressure Sensor – gives a measure of how hard you are gripping the bow
  • Bow to Fingerboard – a measure of the distance you are playing from the fingerboard via the antennas embedded in the bow
  • Bow Length – by interacting with the included fingerboard emitter, an Infrared light sensor shows the distance from the bow frog to the strings of the instrument

Watch all of the data from the K-Bow transmitted to a computer:

im Forum: K-Bow

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