Korg M1 App iM1

Korg releases M1 as an iOS App with similar features to the original M1 Digital Synthesizer classic „rompler“ synth (from the „legacy“ collection).
for it’s 20€ it adds filter resonance, the T-Series ROM content, Kaoss-Pad kind of control / 18x FX types.
and something called VCA Modulation

Appstore: KORG iM1 – KORG INC.

can be controlled from Korg „Gadget“ Sequencer on the same iPad (was updated today as well).
Korg iM1

iM1 struktur

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  1. Holger

    At Last – the M1 for iOs :D

  2. […] Eric bringt den M1 als App ins […]

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