Korg Monologue – Analog Synth

Korg bringt einen monophonen Synth im Minilogue-Design.
Korg announces the monophonic Monologue in the design of the Minilogue. (multi coloured)

and a black King Korg – along with the „App Odyssei“

Forum: Korg

  • 2 VCOs, Ringmod, Sync, Sequencer (Minilogue-Style – 4 Tracks for Modulation), Drive, 2 Oct Key (mini)
  • 1 LFO, fast/slow mode (audio range), 3 Waves, can be used as one-shot ENV
  • ENV: 1x AD
  • oscillosope display – shows 4 rows of sequencing as well as patch names
  • price 300€ – like Microbrute.
  • works with batteries
Korg Monologue Analog Synth Review — Daniel Fisher

korg-monologue-detail korg-monologue korg-monologue-2


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