Korg PS-Series Analog Synthesizer

KORG Analog Synthesizer Section
PS – Polyphonic Series
PS3100 , PS3200, PS3300 – full polyphonic synth – 1977
Trident 1980 & 1982
korg ps synthesizer series

Keio Organs Lab – Keio Lab
most PICs : click image to enlarge!! here:
Korgs first (full) polyphonic synthesizers

KORG PS3100 , PS3200, PS3300
beside the polymoog those can be played the real polyphonic way (48 keys=voices): any key at the same time! it had the frequency divider circuitry of electronic organs,so it’s sound is a bit thinner, but thats the „negative side“ of this techology.the PS-3200 had MEMORIES!
the more cool features , but remember: this 1978 built synth series features 48 filters (24dB/oct MS20 style/sound), 48 ENVELOPES and 2 LFOs.
while the PS3200 had an extra equilizer the PS-3100 and 3300 models had tripple resonators (!!) one of those LFOs is VERY FAST!!! – the ps3100 and
PS-3300 got 3 resonant filters that can be modulated (by the lfo etc..) – sounds very interesting and typical korg ps filter sound.. not fat but very nice!
yes, LFOs are called MG (modulation generator) on korg ms and ps synths..

the ps series is semi modular like the ms series!

the PS3300 is basically tripple ps3100!! imagine the features and THE HARDWARE!!

the ps series was the FIRST that allowed microtuning. want a non well tempered piano? arabian scale? werckmeister?.. just tune the 12 OSC pots!

the PS3200 had memory and 2 VCOs also 48 voice polyphony!..

the sound is much like the MS series (ms = monophonic synthesizer, ps = polyphonic synthesizer – s can be read as series,too)

click to enlarge PS synths..

korg PS3100 full polyphonic synthesizer
korg ps3100 synthesizer
(and a small micropreset on top)

the ps series..
korg ps3100 synthesizer

PS3200 – incl 16 memory buttons
korg ps3200
korg ps series ps3200
the PS3300 consists of 3 complete PS3100s!
korg ps3300
look at the waveforms of the (very fast) lfo..
korg ps3300 mg (lfo)

korg ps3300 panel

some kind of combination with misc. sections, maybe not that interesting today.. had a 2 VCO synth and another strings and another brass section..2 ENVs (adsr), 8 voices
see database for more + picture..
–> Trident..
KorgKorg Synth overview..

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