Korg Radias discontinued? what’s next?

Looks like most of the shops don’t have new ones anymore just selling those in stock. (FORUM: Wann betritt Korg wieder den Markt der Analogen Synths im Forum enthält diese Aussage in deutsch) so maybe a start into a more boring workstation rompler era for cheap without aftertouch vs. some nice little gadget but microstation as a nice synth..
Radias Radias synthesizer

I really wonder if they will have a „main synth product“ in the classic 1k segment that really deserves to be a SYNTHESIZER.

also feeling a bit bad about the electribes may disappear and not being expanded to more tracks, memory, dynamics, there’s not much missing to make it really a lot better.
Korg ElectribeSX1 ESX1 synthesizerdon’t care for the price, what do you think? must a hardware synth compete to softsynths in the 400€ price range or is there still room for 1k to 2k€ synths, still with propper nice to use user interface and hopefully not just another silly VA but a nice mod sequencer or something more close to performance – kind of thing?

missing something? what? we are talking Korg here,..

similar to Roland, ähnliche Diskussion zu und über Roland. Was ist mit Roland los?

not talking Yamaha, they did not do any interesting real synths, just Workstations for non-synth users (no knobs)?! true/untrue?

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