Kawai K3m Oscillator Waveforms Video

watch the Waveforms played without filtering / FX on a scope Kawai K3m Oscillator Waveforms Video.

It’s simple and static as you might know, but has analog filters. Here is a little Demo  … tivity.mp3

from the FORUM: [audiodemo]: Kawai K3m

there’s another source to watch the Waveforms on Music Machines: Kawai K-3

KAWAI K3, K3m Hybrid Synthesizer

Kawai K3m (rack) pic thx Monolith / Oliver (link)
Kawai K3, K3m synthesizerHybrid Synthesizer

KAWAI K3 – K3m built in 1986
6 Voices Stimmen 1x Multitimbral
Memory / Speicher standard info © sequencer.de
value / Gebrauchtwert 350  in 2005 (ultra rare)
Tech additive static waves
subtractive digital hybrid tech: yes 
Waves 32digital
2 OSCs , 1 Filter lpf self? reso 4 Pole info © sequencer.de
1 LFOs tri saw ??.., 2 ENVs 2x ADSR info © sequencer.de
Ctrl/Trig midi, 61 Keys repond to AT/VEL velocity aftertouch
Arpeggiator no Sequencer no

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