Lemur is back – as an iPad app

App Store – Lemur is back, I knew it had to come, it comes fairly late – after touchOSC and MIDItouch it might be hard since it’s 40€ which is really a lot. I tried a Lemur in 2006 and it was reviewed in Synthesizer-Magazin #2, the second issue ever made but had to sell it to pay my bills to move to another „yet cheaper“ house. I sort of hoped they’d make it to the app world and they did — and yes, the JazzEditor had it’s odds, it wasn’t able to group-change MIDI channels and other things I’d really liked to see for ease of use and flexibility reasons but it was in fact more than a „controller“ – it could and was a „sequencer“ and everything you liked to as well.

it’s for both iPhone and iPad..

iPad Screenshot 3

iPad Screenshot 4

iPhone Screenshot 1welcome back, Lemur / Jazzmutant, well it’s not from „Jazzmutant“ it’s made by „Liine“, but looks like the same, don’t know how it get’s it’s patches in but I assume like any app does or via WLAN / IP so it is NOT bound to 7 bit resolution of MIDI..

iPhone Screenshot 4
here’s a guy, who’se sequencer I like..

Sequencomat V3 – there’s videos as well.

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