SmithsonMartin – Emulator Kontrol Surface „Multitouch“ Style-Controller

SmithsonMartin Announces Emulator Kontrol Surface |.

discussed on the forum for a while – they’re at $2.4k, looks a bit like 2 iPads in one box – possibly hard to sell but if it’s made the right way? – they say it’s 4 touches at once is the limit, that should work for a lot of controller purposes – they also offer this for Akaos, Live, DJ-Software or Resolume, so this isn’t made for audio only – but let’s see, will be out early 2012, they say they got some sharing in mind – if it’s about patches and design your own stuff. well – this might be as good as – say – 2 iPads in size and price? am I wrong? but smarter and a bit less slim – but maybe there’s some more underneath – so lets wait what they have for us when it’s ready. don’t know the real size… watch out for the KS1974

talk in german about it: Neue Controller für SoftwareFreaks

SmithsonMartin KS-1974

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