Linndrum II – The ex-Boomchik

You were wondering about the progress of Roger Linn+Dave Smith making a Drummachine?

There’s a little milestone posted on matrix

„LinnDrum II
So no BoomChik but the name now is the LinnDrum II!

Aha, well, so it’s Dave looking smaller than Roger ;)

Article is in the new Future Music with nice pics (it looks quite different from the Boomchik pics):
2 versions of the new Drum Machine to be Launched:
1 All Digital with Sample playback
2 Digital and Analogue (IE version above but with 4 Voice analogue synthesis-and Evolver type bits and pieces) and 27 extra knobs

Some details:
OS emphasises usability and realtime performance
MPC and 808 style programming on 16 sensitive pads
16 MB flash RAM expandable by compact Flash
Pitch-space synthesis on analogue side
4 outputs plus 4 Analogue outputs (on analogue model)
2 Audio Inputs for processing etc
USB/MIDI in/out
Various processing options and its own individual ’sound'“

(note the images are from this month’s Future Music magazine): I got them from Matrix’s Blog

click to see them.. Note the Resonator – so maybe a bit of the Evolver is in here.. Still hoping for TR-Style chase Light Sequencer in here..



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