Loomer Aspect – Semi-Modular Synth

A Nord Lead 3 inspired Soft Synth with LED-Look for Mac and PC with 3 ENVs, LFOs, 2 Filters and 2 OSCs is up for checking, there’s 4 audio demos that sound quite nice – not revolutionary but good. why software should remind of hardware? I don’t know. but maybe it’s simply helpful like a remix of a well known song. well – me impression from those demos: straight gritty basic sound. the clearness the clearness the clearness. I seem to like it. well, but just from the audio.

at 65 GBP it’s not „cheap“, hmm – but no FM detected- maybe I did not see it? it’s announced as semi modular, so those mod-slots may also include OSCs to get FM..
it’s very straight forward which is a good thing..

there’s a Boards of Canada kind of audio which reminds of the Roland SH.

Loomer Aspect – Semi-Modular Analogue Synth VST, RTAS, and Audio Unit.Aspect, VST, Audio Unit, RTAS Plugin Semi-Modular Synth

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