Mackie & Behringer iPad Mixers – they (Mackie) did not „take“ anything, sure! + UPDATE iodock clone by behringer

hmm, very straight video, they got. so here’s the second bigger company showing a new mixer based or better built around the iPad (looks like you need lots of them in the future)? worth a look:

Mix on the Fly - Mackie DL1608 16-Channel Digital Live Sound Mixer with iPad Control


– unmentioned before / bisher noch nicht hier genannt – iPad Dock Mixers from Behringer –
Forum: iPad Pulte von Behringer
Info Check: / … ix1642usb/

It’s basically the Xenyx series, but with iPad Dock, don’t know how good it works with macs and audio, since Behringer has always been really bad with editor software (BCR2000! #fail) on OS X.
iPad Dock & edits via iPad..



don’t know what happens-  or better what will not happen – when the iPad is removed? did they just save the DSPs or will it work anyway and it’s just a better touch surface?

start at 0:46 .. it’s another real small mixer a bit of the size of the Alesis iodock – very very like it, .. $99

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