Madrona Labs Soundplane Controller

Madrona Labs Soundplane Demos at Decibel 2011 – YouTube.

since Mr.Linn presented his Linnstrument and somewhere around NOW there’s a hand full of new controllers, that try to re-arrange the way to play melodies and scales – from the Linnstrument, to Buchla Thunder to Eigenharp and the Xylosynth, here’s the Madrona Labs which reminds a bit of an alternate Haken Continuum  – listen and watch. lots of fun, though.

this one has sensor fields that are also pressure sensitive but not continously – nevertheless is seems to have position sensors per „pad“ like the eigenharps keys (which is a good idea, still)


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  1. The Soundplane sensor is continuous. The „pads“ on the surface are basically there for reference and for mechanical reasons. There is no requirement that the pads have any particular shape, and the resolution of the sensor is certainly finer than the 5 by 30 pattern that you see on the surface.

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