Make Noise Pressure Points and Synthwerks FSR-4 and Bugbrand Touch Panel

MATRIXSYNTH: NOT NAMM: Make Noise Pressure Points and Synthwerks FSR-4.

Like those FSR Sensors like the Snyderphonics Manta?

this VICMOD post on touch interfaces.

Also see Stretta’s post on touch plate controllers.

Aaaand: Bugbrand
CTL1 - Touch Panel - Minijack

Or check the Wiki.. Alternative Controller – Synthesizer Wiki

inspired by Matrix‘ post

we did some FSR Experiments in DIY also, but better not count it in for real, but works (schematics is in the older DIY section of this site, still – search for FSR (or click here) )

oder drüber reden unter anderem hier (ist eigentlich ein Buchla Thread)

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