Messe: Messepics THU 2007

My New Pics.. from Musikmesse Frankfurt..


VSynth GT Roland VSynthGT

Clavia Nord Wave: Clavia NordWave has Effects and SAMPLES via USB!

Schneidersbüro Party war hier – „Die Tür die noch da ist“ lautete die Wegbeschreibung..

Waldorf Blofeld – nochmal..

Schneidersbüro – Superbooth..

M5N Wheiteface by Macbeth

New Controller from Asia..

Faderfox in Action..

Rico, Maker of the Tiefenrausch Demoing the Spectralis

Cyclus 3 from Spectral Ausio (Sequencer)

Surfin Step Sequencer aus Düsseldorf, Germany

Cwejmans super slim Modules

John Bowen and his child: Solaris -> John Bowen Solaris

Moog Moogerfooger FreqBox (FM Machine)

Korg M3 + Radias Korg m3 + Korg r3

Akai Remote Key. MPK49

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