Moogulator @ Ambient Jam II / III (LSB TV)

watch chapter II of our ambient jam #01 at ‚lsb.TV Cologne‘.
the last and third chapter will follow in december…

Harald Grosskopf Ümit Han Moogulator Andreas Kolinski Siegfried Kärcher Vj Dioptrien Balduin Allrgg Antonia Melzer Hope Whitestone Uli Sigg Dr Walker / Asbest

music by Harald Grosskopf, Ümit Han, Moogulator, Andreas Kolinski, Siegfried Kärcher // visuals by Antonia Melzer, Vj Dioptrien, Bal_Duin live recording of the tv live broadcast from Cologne (08.09.2018) via the german cabel tv channel ‚Alex Berlin‘ directed by: Hope Whitestone evil fairy in the background: Dr.Walker more info: join the Liquid Sky Berlin blabla group on facebook:…


Part 1

VA - Ambient Jam #01 @ #lsb_TV Cologne (episode V/chapter I)

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