MS20 Filter – Ersatz (Replacement)

The Korg MS20 is a very Special machine, I added a list of alternatives (Filter only..) – If you think twice you will come to th conclusion: The MS20 ist the only one that sounds like an MS20, but the Filters are most important, the no-so-expact OSCs are also important but thats a thing that I wouldn’t really miss (I only guess here) – So what to do.? see the list.. I have checked the 106-1 from Doepfer, the filtered/black coffee etc. but they do no more than sound like an Emulation.. the Borg Filter is unavailable since Wiard never emailed back (I tried 2 times.. no response..) one do not trust ppl that do not respond ;)

Der MS20 speziell im Sound, grade das kaputte und kranke ist offenbar nicht wirklich gut nachbaubar.. Beste MS20 Filter Alternative?
Aber dennoch.. neben der Korg35 und LM Lösung klingen bereits die Clones weder nach der einen noch nach der anderen.. Wer eine bessere Idee hat, die nicht unbedingt DIY ist..?..

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