Music: Moognase electronic tunes!

Here’s Moognase .. one time he logged into the forum and posted some audio tracks..
it wasn’t techno, it wasn’t EM classic..

even the name is somewhat self ironic (nase = nose) and some sort of honour to bob moog, he says..

I listend and did not really find comparable other music, but it is obviously made with a moog.. here’s a nice voyager..

ah yes, there is a vl1 (casio) and a dx100 (4 OP fm synth) in his setup..

find some audio under
(a german mp3 service).

can I explain the music? I can not.. its somewhere between a lot of style exept those that can be found in clubs..
„the songs are not in a hurry“ to quote „moognase“..

I am sure, there will be a website sooner or later.. and if you like moog tunes listen to it!! if you do not know moog tunes: go and listen! if you … the answer is LISTEN YOURSELF!

again part of „your tracks + studio“ portraits
deutsche info noch? hier weiter..

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