Music: The Synthi Group Vol. 1


this time this is about music referring to the EMS Synthi A/KS. I COULD be in this group since I am using this wonderful synth as well, but I am not.

Here’s theirs sites:
[…]It is often said EMS gear has attained cult status, reaching a fervor
of near worship among its users. The Synthi Group is an example and
collection of such users. United through the Synthi blog and forum
( and located throughout the world, the
group’s members have come together for a planned series of compilation
volume releases where the individuality and approach of each member
towards their EMS instrument is showcased and broadcasted for all to
experience. The listener will hear wildly different examples of styles and
sounds that this original, and oft times, vintage equipment can create.
[read more]

The Synthi Group Vol.1 will be released at Clinical Archives net label
in the middle of August 2009. Format: MP3, Quality: 320Kbps

via forum / music subforum. Sequencer Forum – The Synthi Group Vol. 1.

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