Musikmesse: Final Pics – Feeltune Rhizome, Lemur and Openlabs

Here’s the batch I missed to upload.

Impressions of the new Rhozome synth/sequencer – in fact it is a dual core computer with step sequencer up to 64 patterns, plugins (comes with a lot of plugins like Minimonsta and Ohmforce filters, so you may start with it immediately), allows other stuff, since it is XP E (for embedded) as OS, 18kilos, dynamic pads, and freely assignable to unlimited real time track length. there’s still room for more, so do not expect it to be the final specs, but that’s what was shown. a very nice piano roll real time edit. that allows to „draw“ notes with the endless encoders that are also push buttons and finally nice ppl. – you can easily move start / end point of loops in the grid and more. plus the classic chase light sequencing stuff.

Other Systems: Lemurs new software controlling Live and OpenLabs PC-based Systems..

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