Musikmesse: Helmtronic Challenger at our Booth (synthesizer-magazin)

Simple quick play on Helmtronic Challenger – 4 VCOs, 2 Filters (24 & 12dB LPF + 4 Mode-Filter, inkl Mod Busses and Filter FM), there is a poly synth addition in the making that allows to use it paraphonically (like Poly 800, Polymoog), which will be sort of polyphonically playable..

Quick Info Box 2 Voice (2x Multi)
Helmtronic Challenger Analog Synthesizer(2010)
4 OSC, 2 Filter, 2 LFO, 4 EG
subtractive analog synthesis,
49 Keys, MIDI CV Gate Ctrl, Value (in 2010 was) 2000€ continue / weiter..?

Quick Info Box 1 Voice (1x Multi)
Helmtronic Black Moon Analog Synthesizer(2010)
2 OSC, 1 Filter, 1 LFO, 2 EG
subtractive analog synthesis,
0 Keys, MIDI CV Gate Ctrl, Value (in 2010 was) 700€
continue / weiter..?

This is NOT the demo, just filmed him behind the scene ..

And PLEASE!! This is NOT Formant, it’s not even called Formant. But it’s true, Achim just did that Formant System in the past, but this is HELMTRONIC so this is the Helmtronic Challenger and the smaller Rack Black Moon, so please delete the Formant if you see it on some Sites and Blogs, it’s wrong ;)

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