Musikmesse: Radikal Technologies Accelerator with 3D Controller

Jörg is a cool guy, he implemented a 3D Controller that allows to do it the ROCK way, the synths is a 3OSC’ed 2 Filter Synth that has a lot of the Spectralis – but it’s a different machine – still, there will be a Modulation Sequencer in it (3 or 4 Tracks) and it sounds very fine & hifi to my ears. here’s a little impression..
Radikal Accelerator synthesizerHybrid Synthesizer

RADIKAL Accelerator built in 2010
8 Voices Stimmen 8x Multitimbral
Memory / Speicher standard info ©
value / Gebrauchtwert 1900  in 2010 (-)
Tech pwm sync ring Xmod fm
subtractive digital hybrid tech: yes
Waves pulse saw sine triangle noise colour
3 OSCs , 2 Filter lpf hpf bpf notch self reso 2-4 Pole info ©
4 LFOs square sine tri saw random, 6 ENVs 6x ADSR info ©
Ctrl/Trig midi controller, 61 Keys repond to AT/VEL external velocity aftertouch
Arpeggiator yes Sequencer modulation step sequencer

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