Novation Launchkey Mini + Desktop Launchcontrol + Launchpad Mini

The smaller version of Launchkey is basically a Launchpad with 2 Lines for triggering and navigating clips and stop them (that’s why it’s 2 lines). Those Pads are dynamic, so it is MORE than the Launchpads‘ non dynamic pads. 2 octaves and mini keys (hence the name). so made for mobile people (like me).

works USB-MIDI compliant, so it works for iPads as well.


UPDATE: Launchcontrol is the same without the keys, so it is Knobs and one row of Pads that help all Launchpad users to add things they don’t have and to get one push controller out of both more – or less and for a lot less money btw. – but Control has one more row – so for sequencing it COULD be cool if 16 steps got one knob compared to the key version. so the nice and easy controller box is back.
will be at 111€ (each)
UPDATE 2: Launchpad Mini (also 111€) – same as the big one but smaller.

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