Oberheim Mini Sequencer ctrl Vostok, Orgon Enigiser, Clap Trap

This Video showing an Oberheim Sequencer playing the rare  EnigiserVostok Mk1 (the one with Wavetable OSC) and a Simmons Clap Trap. Not a big musical thing, but listen to the very „nosey“ sound..

The Enigiser looks like this:
Orgon Enigiser synthesizer

the Analogue Solution Vostok looks like this:
Analogue Solutions Vostok synthesizer

The Sequencer was part of some  SEM-Combinations in Two Voice , TVS1, 2Voice , Four Voice or 8 Voice Synthesizers. Like here on the left side:

YouTube – Oberheim Mini-Sequencer w/ Vostok, Orgon Enigiser, Clap Trap (Nortec, Point Loma).

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