PPG 350 computer Sequencer

PPG 350 computer Sequencer
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manual – how to use the ppg 350 in english:
I took the very strange german manual and wrote it in real words that are really needed to understand! (the original sounds very strange and is quite „talkative“) ;)
ppg 350 computer sequencer

Ok, try this (well, this „german“ speaker/writer is not very straight forward.. So I leave out those loooongish silly confusing stuff :)
1)operation mode: hold mode and hit 0-9 to select the operation mode
2)sequence number: hold sequence number to store one of 16 sequences and choose a sequence 1-16 using the numbers..
3) mode 7 – saving sequences –

A). Record sequences with „timing“ (means all notes have the same length)
Choose the sequence (1-16)
Timing on/off (led lit=on) allows to record with changing length only if the LED is OFF!
Play notes!..(recording)
Playing legato or staccato can change the trigger p2 parameter –
So non-legato enables p2 trigger!!
(this is simply – you do not record legator triggers)
You can delete any trigger p2 (retrigger!) using „programm 9“

B)recording with timing (different lengths!)
Normally set the clock to „1“ (app.) (depends on the tempo of what you want to record!)
The timing LED has the same meaning as A)
After recording it is important to stop the sequencer immediately and IN TIME!! (use stop/run to stop recording!!)
All pauses have been recorded!
The pause you recorded after the last note and pressing stop will be replayed when repeating the sequence! That’s all! ;)

Now playing back sequences:
Called Mode 1
Select the sequence (1-16)
Now You can play it just hit middle C (or any other for transposed play!)
The buttons are:
Sequence number: selects the sequence (what else? Huh?)
Single loop: allows playing as loop, only once or „one after another“..
Immediate/delayed: transpose immediately or after the sequence has been played to the end!
“ “ (it was empty, so maybe you nee to search for!?!?): but with this you can forward or backwards or alternating (back&forth) the LED indictes the play mode..
„run/stop“: well, it simply starts and stops the clock (so its in fact just play/stop)
Step: for step mode (to play it step by step!!)
Reset: resets the sequence back to start.
Knob „clock rate“ the sequence tempo
Knob „trigger selector“: selects on of 4 trigger modes (you can get the triggers independently )
My comment: there is no word HOW and what these trigger modes are (sorry!)

Mode 8 – assigning sequences
You can make sequence-chains with this mode
Eg: you want to chain sequence 1 and 2 and store it on 3, this is the mode to do so!
How to do that: choose mode 8 then sequence number 3 (the one you want to change or to use now..)
Say sequence 1 should be played 3 times in C and 2 times in D
–>Program this by just playing C 3 times then D 2 twice!
If you want say sequence 2 on „G“ – 4 times
–>so just play the g 4 times and choose sequence 2 AFTER that!
Now you can play sequence 3 as a chain using the playback mode..

NOW its about triggers: mode9 event correction Including trigger mode p2 (legato or retrigger)
Choose the sequence.
Choose the the parameter you want to change with „parameter timung on/off“
P0=control voltage
p2=trigger p2
p3=trigger p3
So changing the pitch (CV) just select p0
Use the step button (till you find the wrong note (CV)).
Now press the note you really WANT here instead on the keyboard!
If you need to change the pauses (recording with timing) and want to change it? You can use parameter 1 (p1=timing)
Now use the keyboard to change the pause!! (middle c means – leave it unchanged) key above middle c will increase the pause!!
Keys below mid. C will shorten the pause
Means: the more you narrow middle C key the change will be shorter..
Hit the key twice to de/increase the pause!!(related to the the distance to middle C key!!)

Same for trigger mode change, just hit a (any!) key above or below middle c to change to trigger=on or trigger=off

The triggers will always be send to the jacks on the rear or at „selected trigger“ depending on the settings that you did (remember trigger mode in rec mode)

Sync in/ out:
„clock“ means a hi-frequency clock signal..
Do receive clock use the switch on the back set to „extern“
Trigger level/operating level is 100mV

The other mode is ext step.
Use the „multi trigger“ output jack to get triggers per step!!
Record those triggers on tape or somesuch ;)

To trigger the sequencer use „external trigger in“ (led on the stop button lit!)
You need 4-5V to trigger the sequencer!
Transpose in this mode: use the synths keyboard that is controlled by the ppg sequencer!!
Use sync carefully, takes some time ;) Well that’s all!!.. Good luck!!

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