Sampler with Knobs – Publison Jam ’99 the instant glitch via analog sampler surface

Publison Sampler KB2000 – a „sampler“ with knobs„.. the only audio demo
offenbar der einzige Sampler mit Knöpfen neben dem Akai S612 – super rar und bis zum Waldorf Quantum und Prophet X eigentlich auch sehr besonders.

La Troisième fois avec le Publison est le Charme … from Keith Fullerton Whitman on Vimeo.

this is how it works – the instant glitch IDM engine, the key – it reads out short samples controllable via the knobs – an „analog“ interface (pics deleted)

Publison Jam ’99 from Keith Fullerton Whitman on Vimeo.

and yes, this is vintage – don’t event think you might get one of these. but maybe get an eps16+ or ASR10 etc. which can do things like this in a way..
some of these are sampled sweeps etc. randomly played, sort of „granulized“ – but in fact it’s as simple as playing from the sample index and modulate or control the sample position and start index.

Temps de Qualité avec le Publison from Keith Fullerton Whitman on Vimeo.

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