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Sequential Circuits Prophet X – Sampler (Synthesizer).

Ein Video, ein Name – Ein Sampler – oder eher einen „Rampler“ mit USB-MemoryStick-Import – liefert Dave Smith ..

Ein neuer mehrstimmiger Synthesizer mit 2 Sampling Einheiten also insgesamt 4 Oszillatoren wovon 2 Samples abspielen können ähnlich es Nord Wave.
„Instrument“ 1 & 2 und nocheinmal Oszillatoren 1&2. man kann das deutlich hören, die OSCs sind alle digital, die Filter sind analog.
Genaueres im Forum.
Knöpfe für Start/Endpunkte – sehr gut. Man hat hier also einen echten Sampler – der einzige echte Gegner ist der Waldorf Quantum mit seiner Granular-Sample-Engine, die noch etwas aufwendiger gemacht ist.

Specs – see comments – die komplette Feature-Liste ist in den Kommentaren (wegen der Länge)

Bi-Timbral, 16-stimmiger analoger Filter (8-stimmig mono), 150GB Sampling-Speicher, Q2 Ende ist Lieferung.
TimeStreching:. Man hält je Instrument/Sample die Stretch-Taste gedrückt, schlägt eine Taste an, die Note bestimmt das Ziel des Strechings.
Es gibt eine kleine SSD das RAM allein hat mind 200MB Platz, ggf. größer. Damit sind selbst Piano-Freaks ganz froh mit zu machen. Und die Bedienung ist um Längen besser als die einer Workstation.

this is like a prophet 08 / rev with sync-OSCs plus 2 samples oscs – sample import via USB memory stick slot – 2 stereo outputs – 4 ADSR envs, 4 LFOs, so it’s a sample playing synth with start/end and loop size as knobs (cool!) – not with FM features but with one of the 1st new samplers along with the Waldorf Quantum (does granular and multisampling – so it’s a bit more into sampling) cool to see samplers coming back to us! .

Instrument Knobs look like that this might be a Sampler or a Sample-playing synth – just like the Nord Wave – will it be 4 OSCs with 2 Sample Engines or 2 OSCs with Samples? – yes –  I assume it’s 4 oscs where 2 are samples that can be loaded from SD or something. since you can simple see and hear the Samples and the OSC synth engine in the video. here the piano and stuff comes from the sample engine, the oscs do the synth-stuff.

An new 16 voice polyphonic sampling Synth – for sure – being shown at Superbooth 18. 150 GB of Sample RAM. Stereo means 8 voices, Mono Sampling makes it 16 voice poly. it has knobs for loop, position and can play samples in reverse and modulate all those so it is the first real hardware from a larger manufacuter that is a real full knobbed sampler – which is quite something new.

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  1. The Next Evolution of the Prophet

    The Prophet X is a potent fusion of samples-plus-synthesis and is Dave Smith’s most ground-breaking evolution of the Prophet yet. At its heart, it’s a bi-timbral, 8-voice-stereo (16-voice mono) synth with a newly developed sound engine that powers two simultaneous 16-bit, 48kHz sample-based instruments plus two high-resolution digital oscillators — all processed through analog filters. With 150 GB of internal samples from acclaimed sound developers 8Dio, and all of the powerful synthesis tools you’ve come to expect from Dave, the Prophet X has a musical voice uniquely its own.

    Sample Engine

    On the sample side of things, the Prophet X provides two independent, stereo, digitally sampled instruments per voice (4 in Stack or Split mode). The 150 GB of internal sample content was created by 8Dio, known for pioneering “deep sampling.” You’ll find a diverse collection of acoustic and electronic instruments as well as plenty of edgy ambient and cinematic effects. You can shape the samples through loop manipulation, sample stretching, and the Prophet X’s sound-sculpting modulation functions. Each sample instrument has its own Tone control for high-pass or low-pass filtering. Fifty gigabytes of additional internal storage is dedicated to importing external sample libraries. Support for user-created samples is planned for December 2018. Add-on sample packs are available from 8Dio on product release.

    Synth Engine

    On the synth side, the Prophet X gives you the power of a classic Prophet, with two high-resolution digital oscillators that feature both classic waveshapes and a supersaw for more timbral possibilities. Using the Shape Mod control, you can manually dial in a desired waveshape width for any of the classic sine, sawtooth, or pulse waves, or use an LFO or other mod source for continuously shifting timbre. You can shape the raw sounds with all of the classic synthesis functions you’d expect, including 4 syncable LFOs with slew and phase offset, 4 loopable five-stage envelope generators, and a 16-slot mod matrix with dozens of modulation sources and destinations.

    Stereo Filters for Depth and Impact

    At the heart of the Prophet X’s powerful sound are its new, 24 dB-per-octave resonant low-pass filters, which are based on a vintage design. There are separate filters in the left and right channels for a true stereo signal path. These add exceptional presence and fullness to both the samples and the oscillators. For additional polyphony, you can switch the Prophet X from 8-voice stereo mode to 16-voice mono mode, which is useful for stacks and splits.

    Poly Step Sequencing

    The polyphonic step sequencer provides up to 64 steps and up to 6 notes per step. You can create a different sequence for each layer if working in stacked or split voice mode, making it a powerful tool for composition or performance. Sequences can have ties and rests, and can sync to an external MIDI clock. The arpeggiator features note repeats, re-latching, and can be synced to external MIDI clock, as well.

    Two Effects per Layer

    A dual effects engine provides multiple reverbs, 2 delays (standard and BBD), chorus, phase shifter, flanger, vintage rotating speaker, high-pass filter, and distortion. In stacked or split voice mode, you can apply two different effects to each layer. Effects parameters can be modulated through the mod matrix.

    Road-worthy and Studio-ready

    With loads of sonic firepower and personality, a five-octave, premium-quality, semi-weighted keyboard with velocity and channel aftertouch, an integrated power supply, MIDI USB support, and three crisp OLED displays, the Prophet X fits into any music rig or gig — in the studio or on the road.

    Features At A Glance


    2 multi-sampled stereo instruments per voice with editable sample start, sample end, loop size, and loop center, loop on/off, sample reverse, and sample stretch
    150 GB of factory-installed 16-bit, 48 kHz sampled instruments created by 8Dio. An additional 50 GB of samples can be added by purchasing additional sound libraries. User-sample import is planned for December, 2018.

    2 digital oscillators per voice with selectable sine, sawtooth, pulse, and supersaw waves. You can vary the shape of any of the waveshapes.
    Glide (portamento): separate rates per oscillator; (samples can glide in Sample Stretch mode)
    Hard sync

    2 x analog 4-pole resonant low-pass filter per voice
    Digital high-pass filter in Effects section

    4 loopable, five-stage (ADSR plus delay) envelope generators: Filter, VCA, and two assignable

    Polyphonic step sequencer with up to 64 steps (6 notes per step), and ties and rests.

    Four-stage (ADSR) envelope generator
    Velocity modulation of envelope amount

    4 LFO’s with key sync, phase offset, and slewing per LFO
    Five wave shapes: triangle, sawtooth, reverse sawtooth, square, and random (sample and hold)

    16-slot modulation matrix
    28 sources
    88 destinations
    11 additional dedicated sources: mod wheel, pressure, velocity, breath controller, footswitch, LFO 1, LFO 2, LFO 3, LFO 4, Env 3, Env 4

    Fully-featured arpeggiator with up, down, up+down, random, assign modes
    Selectable note value: 16th note, 8th note triplet, 8th note, dotted 8th note, quarter note
    One, two, or three octave range
    Re-latching arpeggiation
    Note repeat

    2 digital effects on each layer
    Stereo delay, BBD delay, chorus, flanger, phaser, vintage rotating speaker, distortion, high-pass filter, spring reverb, plate reverb

    Master clock with tap tempo
    BPM control and display
    MIDI clock sync

    Full-sized, semi-weighted, 5-octave keyboard with velocity and channel (mono) aftertouch
    Backlit pitch and mod wheels
    Spring-loaded pitch wheel with selectable range per program (1 to 12 semitones up and down)
    Transpose controls for an 8-octave range
    Hold switch latches held notes on
    Polyphonic glide (portamento)
    Unison (monophonic) mode with configurable voice count

    512 Factory Programs (4 banks of 128) and 512 fully editable User Programs with 2 layers (2 separate sounds) in each Program

    MIDI In, Out, Thru
    Sample import jack for USB Stick
    Main stereo audio output: 2 x 1/4″ phone (TS, unbalanced)
    Output B stereo audio output: 2 x 1/4″ phone (TS, unbalanced)
    Pedal/CV: responds to expression pedals or control voltages ranging from 0 to 5 VDC (protected against higher or negative voltages.
    Volume: responds to expression pedals or control voltages ranging from 0 to 5 VDC (protected against higher or negative voltages.
    Sustain pedal input: accepts normally on or normally off momentary footswitch.
    Sequencer: accepts normally on or normally off momentary footswitch to trigger sequencer playback.
    Headphone output: 1/4″ stereo phone jack.

    IEC AC power inlet for internal power supply
    Operates worldwide on voltages between 100 and 240 volts at 50 to 60 Hz
    Power consumption: 25 watts maximum

    Dimensions: 38.44″ L x 13.53″ W x 4.13″ H (97.6 cm L x 34.3 cm W x 10.9 cm H)
    Weight: 24 lbs

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