Rob Hordijk talks about his Modular Synth

Rob Hordijk Modular

9. Q&A  Rob Hordijk –  this is Rob talking about his modular hand made modular synth, Rob is one of the guys who really got a special feeling – so if you come across. there is a 7-party video series about it – this is from a special event in/on mallorca.

here’s the rungler module: it’s a 2 OSC based self modulating circuit with delay in it. – sound starts at 2:36 – it has 5 modes, it can create chiptune kind of noises, and even more – if you are into digital sort of noises with or without noise or/and lofi effects – this is for you:

sort of a quantizer plus LFO more shown here called the Node Proc(essor) 14kHz max in here.

follow the other videos as well by ubikac on 15.2.2012..

a harmonic oscillator, hear the odd, even harmonics and control them by CV..

more modules are: Active Matrix, Dual Envelope, Triple LF-VCO, 3x Input 24dB/Oct. Filter with Filter curve setting (!) – free mixing of 3 filter types, Dual Fader.

more from Rob? see the Blippoo Audio Mangler, which has an interesting concept for noises as well..

Rob Hordijk Modular
Rob Hordijk Modular