Roland dBeam Keyboard A49 (& A88)

Yeah, Roland sells Keyboards with dBeams, I never quite liked that Bender principle, but having a free assignable dBeam or 2 has always been part of my wet dreams, so I still have a wishlist (3 Octave iPadable dual dBeam version), but this is worth a second look..
180€ for one seems “ok”, no 3 Octave Version, but lots of good things and I trust Roland more to have a quite good one inside, well – let’s wait till they are really touchable.

available as A49 and A88, so the A49 is nice. And: it has MIDI, nut just USB. it is meant to be used with the Jupiter 50/80 series (controller mapping), but works for others as well.

and it has even Footswitch Connectors, looks very very interesting, if you ask me.