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Advanced Sound Source
With a powerful new audio processor, elFantom-G provides new depth and versatility of sound. With twice the capacity ROM waves his predecessor, keeps a hidden treasure with the sounds of quality SRX famous Roland, but what really distinguishes this instrument is its further expansion ARX, which lets you add additional groups of sounds SuperNATURAL and sources of synthesizer and effects totally specific to this already powerful workstation direct.
Expansion ARXSuperNATURAL
The Fantom-G provides ARX bays for two expansion cards SuperNATURAL. SuperNATURAL is the exclusive technology modeling behavior Roland allowing a new level of emotional expressiveness organic impossible to achieve with synthesizers earlier. Applied to the sounds of traditional instruments, SuperNATURAL allows organic tonal changes and delicate, and the nuances of interpretation of the real musical instruments. It is also a powerful tool for non-traditional and electronic sounds, as it brings new life to the synthesis and expression.
Powerful integrated sequencer
The Fantom-G is the first tool to incorporate the powerful Roland sequencer latest generation of Roland. Along with the wide LCD, this composition tool provides professional-level tracks 128 (including 24 audio tracks) in a graphical environment audio / MIDI fully integrated. It is also possible to incorporate a mouse to get the same speed and ease with which a computer. Other useful features include a connector combo XLR and TRS, phantom power for condenser microphones, Hi-Z input for guitar and bass, and line input.
LCD comprehensive and elegant
With only look and touch you know that the Fantom-G is a tool without equal. We have used only the materials of the highest quality to create this dreamy synthesizer, with a stylish and futuristic call everyone’s attention. The wide TFT LCD colour 8.5 „-wide are located in the central part to improve the functionality. It also includes a variety of first-class manual controls, including eight sliders, four commanders, and ten buttons below the LCD.
Effects incredible
The Fantom-G provides an innovative source of effects, Multi available for each sound / part delFantom-G. In mode multitimbral of 16 parties, can be used up to 22 addresses effects at once. Creates complex configurations with 16 insertion effects by patch, in addition to chorus and global reverberations. The mastering effects are included to improve the songs were created using the integrated sequencer.

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