Macbook Air

it’s true now, the thinnest macbook ever will come true. it’s no longer a rumour.

1.3kg, very thin (as expected).. and.. 80GB HD or 64SDD, multitouch 13″ screen (so it is not so small, just thin)

Want to see it yourself?

Keynote | Stream
Keynote | Download

Talk @ Forum:


pic: again (C)

1.6 / 1.8 Ghz Core 2 Duo – iPhone like Multitouch – GREAT!!!

no CD/DVD – charges $100 as a separate device, USB2, audio out, 802.11n, bluetooch 2.1/EDR

Remote Disc: Use another DVD of another mac possible.

45 Watt Power (thats not so much, cool!)

DVI for Monitor, LED BAcklit, Firewire??? seems no..!?!?

5hrs batteries – I assume that means 3hrs in reality ;) as always..

more soon ;)

__ Now the real prices – who cares about USD over here?..

Mit 1.699 Euro kostet das kleine MacBook Air, 2.868 kostet das Gerät in der Top-Austattung mit SDD als Festplatte.

MacBook Air open.

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