Roland JX8P – 3 LFOs & 128 Patches, Sequencer, Arpeggiator – Kiwi 8P

Kiwi Electronics offer a complete new button-strip and new processor that brings
– sequencer
– arpeggiator
– 128 patches and new better access to them
– 3 LFOs
to the JX8P
it can also access another JX to extend the number of voices.
– mod matrix – 8 slots with sidechain control (wow!)
and to me big pleasure:
– faster envelopes
– voice detune (per voice detune)

it’s all called the KIWI-8P
-> the original -> Roland JX8P Analog Synthesizer

Seattle Meetup 2016 - Part 3: A NEW KIWI SYNTH

kiwi jx8p

auf deutsch nochmal Kiwi 8P – Was man aus einem alten Synthesizer machen kann – JX8P mit 3 LFOs, Modmatrix…


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