SynthDatabase: Search results changed..

The SynthDatabase now updated, if you get results, the COMPANY NAME links to ALL SYNTHS from that company, the model name still links to the details, so I left out the „List all Moogs“ Link and put it in the bottom of each result, you also get a count of results and if there’s more you will get the number of results that are still in under that name (you can still search for „mi“ to get eg the minimoog or Jup to get the Jupiters listed..)

so sh will output several synths like this..

click on the red arrow to see the details and click on the green arrow on the details page to see the older details (the background turns black/brown).. (just try it and just type something and click on find as always.. just didn’t want to upload a pic showing the results page, possibly I will add more features to it, hope it’s more logical and easier to use..?)

any feedback welcome..

ah, btw: I often call the SynthWIKI Dictionary since it look much more familiar to most of us, so WIKI and Dictionary or SynthWIKI meaning the same place..

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