Sormina – 8 „finger controllers“ used very differently

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sormina musical instrument

this thing seems to come from a Finnish guy called Juhani Räisänen. As you can see it is about more deep nuance of one sounds – to have full control via all fingers – all sent wirelessly to the host computer and sent to synths or softsynths. of course those 8 controllers send out MIDI controller data. in english it’s name could be „fingerina“ (as well as in german) – hmm, how to control pitch and sounds equally or – how do you set the pitch on this thing isn’t exactly clear to me, except atonal stuff and drones – so have a closer look – anyway a good thing to keep the sound in mind, still, since you need 2 hands to play most brass (and the like) instruments, so how to get it done to have full pitch control and massive sound control as well?

saw this here: The Sormina – A New Wireless Instrument From Finland » Synthtopia

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