Spongefork 3 Loop Sampler

:: Spongefork 3 ::

synthesizer + sequencer

A Softsynth Sampler for OS X
Synth/Sample pitches can be controlled by monitoring the frequency of live input or of other soundfiles.

Live Input Processing
You can now process real-time input sources in the oscillator or as a modulator.

SoundFile Stream Processing
You can now stream process soundfiles directly from the library bypassing the need to load the sample into ram. It is now possible to use very large soundfiles as an oscillator or modulator.

5 stage multitap delay processor
Full featured Mult-Tap delay module.

Playlist Manager
Organize and rapidly switch between different saved playlists. A sample playlist plus a few RF samples are included with the 3.0 download.

Snap back memory for the XY

Expanded MIDI control
any component can be controlled via midi, now including full control over library sample triggering/selection

Centralized rollover help
All components immediately display a description

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