Studio Electronics Boomstar monophonic synth with 4 filter option

Boomstar is the new synth, that can be equipped with one of 4 well known filters known from the ATC-Xi and even more from the huge omega 8 / code synths – both sound very rich and they’re perfect if you want a lot of massive trebble and brilliant sounding analog classic sounds –

 4075-classic Arp 2600, 5089-classic Moog 24db ladder, SEM-classic Oberheim 12db, 303-classic Roland TB.

each is $800, don’t know the € price, but I’d guess no less than 800€..

Studio Electronics Boomstar3003 Boomstar4075 Boomstar5089 synthesizer1x Multi Timbral, 1 Voice, (2012)

Studio Electronics Boomstar 3003, Boomstar 4075, Boomstar 5089 AnalogSynthesizer

&Boomstar SEM Analog Synthesizer

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