Sunsyn OS 1.20 ready..

just to quote Jürgen Michaelis..

I have fixed the SunSyn Voice Release cuts of envelope 1 (Filter).
On long filter release sounds the voices have been cut prior than 8 voices because the filter envelopes for all other voices were discharged erratically…took me 2 days to find this little but f**ing bug.

I’m so sorry that this has taken so long.

There are certainly some more bugs, but this one was very annoying since it also has affected the multi mode – I think multi mode works now much better than before, although it is not the fixed option yet.

I hope to make a final update in the next months with some important issues to finalize this looong story. We still have some SunSyns to sell, but after these are sold out (I think 1/2 a year) it is definitely discontinued…and I will come back on an offer in earlier emails…
OS updates after product lifetime will cost a fee then (not the mentioned final update).
(D/german) Im Forum zum neuen OS für den Jomox Sunsyn: Sunsyn OS 1.20

what the hell is a JoMoX Sunsyn

JoMoX Sunsyn synthesizer

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