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Superbooth 2017, Berlin – Synthesizer! Synthesizer!

Pics – @ Superbooth 17, Berlin.

the life

Überrascht / Surprised by:

MFB Dominion Club (fast envelopes 2 OSCS/2 SUB + Morph Filter & LFO Waves, 10 digital Algo (FM etc.) add. OSC.

Leaf Audio – electro acoustic box!

x-y controllers on every single key (!) on a Syrinx-kind of synth from NL.

Eloquencer (Winter Modular) -> name of it’s creator is Eloi – hence the name, Eloquencer has probability, ratchet etc..

die Prinzessinnen in Reihe aufgestellt – Jugendweihe und Synthnerds Mix – unbezahlbar!

great performances!

-Funny talk with Daniel Miller etc.
Holly Herndon! did not expect her!
-Monika Werkstatt: they all got ONE instrument or device to jam with at that evening – all by cool women (Gudrun Gut, Beate Bartel, Lucretia Dalt..)

I played 4 gigs btw – feet died multiple times – but worth it! thanks for the cool feedback on all concerts & talks after just 3 or 4 steps forward.

cool looking case by error instruments

SSM Chips can be ordered – not just at one company! – no coincidence they got DSI synths on their website?

Of Course: new Novation synths (Peak) / (mein) Deutscher Test hier.

Like the black Arturia Beatstep/Keystep… (better).

3hrs of sleep!

Forum: Feedback / Talk: 20.-22.4. 2017 Berlin, Superbooth 17 / News Dateianhang & Superbooth 2017 Highlights?


Update: Post-Soooper:

Novation Peak, Behringer D, Superbooth 2017 - Stammtisch


performances (SB & Maze, Berlin, Kreuzberg)
one from the sea stage where I set up my gig at that day.. nice PA.

gear showcase

Superbooth17 Videos.. (coming up)

2 little additions / hints:

-> SSM-Chips für polyphone Analog-Synthesizer – SSI2164

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