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14.11.15 Holly Herndon in Dortmund

Needed to tell them in advance to come – so I just told them me+1 – be there at exact 22:00 and free. So I did and on top of the Dortmunder U we all were in a white room – now time to start –

Holly Herndon has Mathew Dryhurst for all the live visuals and communication on stage, he moved all the GFX around and send messages typed in to us. is it loud enough? This is hand made! we are humans! Fuck the NSA even though it is sort of commonly used now – still and a lot of .. pure fun & enjoyment.
starting with the voice of her amazing co-singer. ending up with one extra song for her „solo“ which is in fact her work – I could hear her original voice – not just the processed ones which added a nice subtle goodness to it!
never miss her, when you are near a chance to witness her performance. btw – there was also some nerdy stuff like that little machine that can listen to everything electronic and makes it audible. One of my highlights this year, thanks Dortmunder U for giving this high quality artist event to us for free (!!), thanks Holly Herndon!
Anyway – in case you never listened to her:

Hier ein Musiktipp: 
Nur eins – das war super.Holly Herndon

Achja, total wichtig – Holly fand meine Hose toll. Super ;)

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