SynMag International -Special 2021 – The Modular View of Things.

SynMag International Special 2021 Synthesizer-Magazine

The Modular View of Things. SynMag – Synthesizer-Magazine
our first english print issue beside the “modular worlds” book

SynMag International Issue 2021


  • Controlling the modular
  • External sequencers and CV control 4
  • Input modules
  • Feed the modular 8


  • Cables: just a wire in plastic?
  • Maximize the signal, minimize the noise 12
  • Busking with a modular synth
  • Thoughts on battery powered modulars 14
  • Connecting Eurorack Systems

… with (modular) computer music software 18

Effects in a modular System

  • Bend it, shape it 26
  • Build your own effects processor
  • Modular synth used on guitar or other external audio input 32
  • The ancient krell and beyond
  • Some thoughts about self-playing patches 36

Creation, capture & manipulation … of audio with Modular instruments 42

Modular drums

  • They come in all sizes & flavours 48
  • Sequencers for modular systems

Internal or external connectivity aplenty 54

  • Doepfer A-100 Modular System
  • Polyphony – patch examples 62
  • The Doepfer Trautonium
  • Diving into Subharmonics 66

Expanding your modular externally

  • Attaching additional gear like modules via MIDI or OSC 72


  • Mixing inside and outside

… of modular setups 76

  • “A low price is my copy protection”
  • Interview with Klanghelm plugin developer Tony Frenzel 78
  • Unfiltered Audio: creations for various platforms
  • In conversation with Michael Hetrick & Joshua Dickinson 82
  • New literature 88
  • Impress 90

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For German Readers: diese Ausgabe ist nicht Teil des normalen Abonnements, da es sich um eine Spezialausgabe handelt.

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