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Synth News 5_2017 – Malekko, Intellijel (Modules), Twisted Electrons (Sequencer)

Demos Demos Demos – Nach der Superbooth gab es nicht gaaanz so viel echte News, aber dies…
After Superbooth in Berlin we are still waiting for news, meanwhile there are demos..

New 8-Track-Sequencer 16 steps + chains up to 8 (128 steps), probability, roll function
crazy 8 – coming up in about 1 month – MIDI & 4x CV/Gate

der Crazy 8 Sequencer kommt in etwa einem Monat auf den Markt – die Bedienung scheint sehr intuitiv und einfach zu sein.

Intellijel Plonk – Konkurrenz für Mutable Elements, ein Modul was auch Physical Modeling beherrscht
sort of another way of presenting physical modeling compared to the Elements OSC-Module by Mutable

Demo at 14:15 ..

Intellijel Plonk Physical Modeling

Malekko Manther is sort of a MC202/SH101’ish synth with sequencer by Malekko – it’s still in prototype status, where shown at NAMM – here’s the first audio.. sort of FM’ish thing in it – even though I can’t see any FM since it’s one osc..?

Malekko Manther

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