Synthesizer Movie „Bright Sparks“

this is about the pioneers of electronic instruments including the tape based Mellotron-Family (Streetly, Chamberlin, …) and even EDP is amongst the ones that Dave Spiers asked about everything, you may know him from his GForce software synths, his studio and talks with Nick (sonictalk) and others.

this movie mentions musicians we all know, if we had access to the 80’s music scene: Underworld, Portishead, Ultravox, Depeche Mode, The Normal, NIN/Alessandro Cortini  – we hear Daniel Miller talking about the punkeeeness™ of Non-Moog(ue)-synths and all that is available for 12€ – add 7€ more to have really nice and unconventional synth demos that mention everything from the iMonster people.

I really love(d) to see Mr „ARP“ Pearlman in here !!

it’s so worth watching, so just check this out:

Ein paar Worte dazu auf Deutsch habe ich schon hier verfasst -> Bright Sparks – Film über Synthesizer-Geschichte

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