Synthstrom Deluge Update 2.1 – (avail: End 2018)

Deluge update 2.1

They are working on a nice update of the Deluge Sequencer / Sampler / Synth (Groovebox) – and here is what’s new

added: a very brief and rough view of the waveform – means – a Snare will ba something that looks like an arrow pointing to the right, some noise will look differently – so may be of help while browsing since there is no alphanumeric stuff.  ok – not exatly true, there is some in the small display scrolling..

since you can see it it is a lot easier to truncate and cut out silence. nice one.

so it’s not just a gimmick – it helps editing it an set start/end points including the loop position! so here it is – the helpful aspect of it!

sie arbeiten an einem kleinen nützlichen Tool, einer einfachen Wellenformandeutung, damit kann man Samples beschneiden, loopen und alles etwas grafischer, auch wenn die Fläche dazu klein ist, es ist sehr sinnvoll – als alter Ensoniq-Sampler-Nutzer kann ich das sagen…

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